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Just ask the hundreds of kids and adults who have taken our art classes in New York since 1995: The Art Center makes learning fun! Our after-school and Saturday art classes for children in New York are structured as a series of age-appropriate projects that are both challenging and enjoyable. Each year your child will master increasingly difficult skills in drawing, painting and sculpture. Older children and teens create their own projects and work on personal areas of interest. Our kid and teen art classes have a 5:1 ratio of students to teachers, so your child always receives personal attention. Our adult art classes are always three hours long for maximum enjoyment and skill building.

All classes are pro-rated to accommodate late enrollments without penalty.

If your child is a new student, he or she is eligible to take a $50 trial class ($70 for any of our 2-hour classes) to see if it’s a good fit. We know it will be!

Current & Upcoming Class Schedules

Spring 2018

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preschool art classes nyc

Is your preschooler drawing on every surface in your house? Have them get out their creativity during our Preschool Art Class! This class is a fun-filled introduction to art with a curriculum exploring the elements of art, such as line, color, and shape. Children will be encouraged to create enriched projects in collage, drawing, painting or sculpture.

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ceramics for first graders

We’ll help hone your kindergartener’s artistic talent in this targeted art class for kids in NYC! Children will learn basic lessons in proportion, composition, and color mixing that will be incorporated into the projects. We will place continued emphasis on the importance of craftsmanship in drawing, painting, paper mache and clay.

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Mixed-Age Group

Acrylic painting made by a 4th grade boy in our  children's art class in New York City.

Our popular mixed-age art classes (for grades 1-5) focus on building solid skills and inspiring creativity. Our curriculum includes a wide variety of drawing, painting, and sculpture projects that are specifically tailored to your child’s age and ability, integrating diverse materials and levels of difficulty. For example, after a particularly challenging drawing project, your child might move on to a whimsical paper maché sculpture. In addition, each year your child is enrolled we step up the skill level required for projects, so your child is continually engaged and challenged.

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Art for Teens

painting from teen art class in nyc

Art for Teens gives students fifth grade and up the freedom to choose their own projects, while providing intensive guidance to help them produce the highest quality art. Teens can copy paintings or drawings of master artists to learn and improve technique, or they develop original ideas and techniques to better express themselves. Whether your child is interested in becoming a serious artist or having a relaxing hour away from their studies, they’ll love having a dedicated space for creativity.

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Gallery Showcase

art class with exhibition for kids

Gallery Showcase is designed for students in second grade and up to create their own body of work to be displayed in a show at the end of the semester. Students will be able to choose which discipline, subject matter, and style that they’d like to concentrate on, and because we maintain a ratio of just 5 students to 1 teacher, they will receive the individual attention needed to grow their skill sets.

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Teen Portfolio Workshop

portfolio building art class nyc

Teen Portfolio is perfect for students who think that an hour of art a week is just not enough! It is set up exactly like our Art for Teens classes, but extended to two-hour sessions. Additionally, if your child is applying to a college or high school art program, our teachers will work with your teen to perfect their art portfolio.

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Art for Adults

art class taught by Liz Adams-Jones

These Upper East Side art classes are scheduled with adult learners in mind. Our adult students have developed portraits, landscapes, still lifes and more. You’ll work on a project of your own choosing with guidance and assistance from our outstanding teacher (who painted this incredible portrait). Adult art students may work in pencil, colored pencil, oil pastels, soft pastels, acrylic or water-based oils. Got a dream project? We’ll help bring it to life!

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Manga and Cartooning

manga and cartoon class nyc

If your child can’t get enough of Batman comics or Japanese manga, this is the class to take! We focus on creating characters, exaggeration and action techniques, inking and coloring, and more. Our Manga & Cartooning teacher will teach your child the skills he or she needs to draw cartoons and tell a story. Some cartooning students have even brought in their laptops and learned how to draw cartoons digitally. Get your child started on drawing Gotham with this art class in NYC!

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